Hydrogen Pressure Switch ATEX – Series H344 / H345


Boca raton, USA, ESI, certified, pressure transducer■ Changeover (CO)
■ 4.3 psi – 2,175 psi (0.3 bar – 150 bar)
■ Overpressure safety up to 4,350 to 8,700 psi (300 – 600 bar)



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Hydrogen ATEX Pressure Switch (hex 27):

  • EPDM diaphragm in SAE 316L grade stainless steel housing
  • Various threads and pre-wired versions are available upon request
  • ATEX / IECEx (M1) certification



Hydrogen (H) being the lightest element is the most abundant element in our universe (70%). Most hydrogen on earth exists in molecular forms such as water and organic compounds.

It is being used in liquid form (LH2) or as a colorless and odorless gas (H2) in many sectors such as petrochemistry, energy, mobility or production.

Since gaseous hydrogen combined with oxygen (O2) can form an explosive gas mixture (oxyhydrogen), most applications are subject to special safety pre-cautions regarding fire and explosion protection.

Many possibilities and potentials of hydrogen technology have only been developed and opened up in recent years and today play a key role in climate-neutral energy generation & storage.





Additional information

Additional information

Model Number

H344, H345

Pressure Ranges

0.3 bar (4.35 psi), 150 bar (2,175 psi)