Sludge Platform Submersible Level Transmitter, PR3420


■ Sludge Platform to raise sensor above sediment level
■ Pressure ranges available from 0-1 mWG
■ Reliable stainless steel construction



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Submersible Depth/Level Pressure Sensor:

  • Submersible Depth & Level Pressure Transmitter with Sludge Platform
  • All stainless steel housing
  • Resistant to high voltage spikes
  • Piezoresistive sensor technology for excellent stability and repeatability
  • ATEX/IECEx option available


The PR3420 submersible depth and level transmitter has been designed for the accurate measurement depth in sludge/slurry materials.

The transmitter is mounted on a sludge platform to lift the sensing diaphragm above the sludge/tar level. This prevents build-up of foreign matter on the sensor face, which could affect performance of the transmitter.


Level or contents measurement of liquids where sedimentary deposits may occur in storage tanks, rivers, seabed, etc.


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Additional information

Additional information

Model Number

PR3420 – 4-20mA, PR3421 – 0-5 V, PR3422 – 0-10V

Pressure Ranges

0-1 mWG (0-3ft H2O), 0-10 mWG (0-33ft H2O), 0-100 mWG (0-330ft H2O), 0-250 mWG, 0-5 mWG (0-16ft H2O), 0-50 mWG (0-160ft H2O), 0-500 mWG (0-1,640ft H2O)

Calibration in

bar, psi.