pressure sensor for hydraulic applications

SUCO ESI North America have been making hydraulic pressure transducers for over 30 years, and offers a range of sensors that provide the highest levels of shock, vibration and overload resistance. Correct choice of hydraulic pressure transducer or hydraulic pressure transmitter delivers accurate, repeatable results with no maintenance over extended periods.

Complete hydraulic pressure solutions are offered with a range of panel pressure meters, a plug-in display for local pressure check and a range of accessories for specific applications.

Mobile hydraulics applications require pressure measurement solutions that offer the most rugged mechanical and electronic protection, due to extreme outdoor dynamic and remote operating conditions.

ATEX/ IECEx certified options are available.

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Control Valve Pressure Transducer, PR3913

■ Submersion to 9,850 ft (3,000 mtrs) sea level
■ Ranges 0-200bar to 0-1,000 bar (0-2,900 psi to 0-15,000 psi)
■ NACE corrosion resistance


Differential Subsea Pressure Transducer, PR3920

■ 0-50 bar (0-750 psi DP) sensing range
■ 690 bar (10,000 psi) line pressure
■ Submersion to 9,850 ft (3,000 meters) sea level


GS4000 General Purpose Pressure Transducer, low pricing

■ Strain gauge technology
■ Pressure ranges 0-500mbar to 0-700bar (0-7.5psi to 0-10,000psi
■ Output options 0-20mVdc, 0-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc and 4-20mA


GS4200 USB Digital Pressure Transducer

■ Choice of pressure ranges from vacuum to 4,000 bar
■ Accuracy 0.15% NLHR
■ Auto detection and configuration
■ USB 2.0 compatible


HI6000 High Temperature Transducers

■ Pressure ranges 0-1bar to 0-1,500bar (0-15psi to 0-21,000psi)
■ Titanium wetted parts
■ High operating temperature up to 135°C (275°F)



■ Silicon-on-sapphire sensor technology
■ Pressure ranges to 5,000 bar (72,500 psi)
■ 0-100mVdc, 0-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc or
4-20mA output


Pressure Sensor General Purpose GS4200

■ ±0.25% accuracy
■ 4-20 mA output as standard (0-100mvdc, 0-5vdc or 0-10vdc
■ Pressure ranges 0-500 mbar to 0-1500 bar (0-7.5 psi to 0-20,000 psi)



■ 4-20 mA two-wire output
■ Ranges 0-10 bar to 0-1500 bar (0-150 psi to 0-20,000 psi)
■ ATEX certified for hazardous areas: zone 0 gas group IIC, temperature class T4 and zone 20 dust


USB Digital Pressure Transducer, GD4200

■ Sample rate up to 1,000 Hz (1,000 readings per second)
■ Choice of pressure ranges from vac to 72,500 psi (5,000 bar)
■ USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 full speed compatible
■ Extremely high 21 bit resolution