Differential Pressure Transducer, PR3200

■ Differential Pressure Transducer
■ 4-20mA two-wire output
■ Ranges 250 mbarDP to 200 barDP
■ *Intrinsically safe option. Flammable gases (zone 0) and dusts (zone 20).



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Differential Pressure Transducer Performance:

    • Ranges 250 mbar DP to 200 bar DP (4 psi to 3,000 psi)
    • Available for gauge reference or bi-directional measurement
    • Accurate at very wide DP range
    • High stability and repeatability
    • WET/WET or DRY/DRY operation
    • 4-20mA two-wire output
  • Zero + span adjustment on-site
  • R.F.I. Shielded for protection against electromagnetic radiation
  • ATEX/IECEx option available (includes M1 for mining applications)


The PR3200 Differential Pressure Transmitter uses two ceramic pressure diaphragms, offering high stability and performance with true wet/wet operation, suitable for use with all liquids and gases compatible with stainless steel and alumina. Flush diaphragm models are available with integral or remote pressure diaphragms for hygienic applications.


Clean rooms, hydraulic systems and differential pressure measurement.


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Additional information

Additional information

Model Number

PR3200 – 4-20 mA, PR3210 – 0-5 V, PR3220 – 0-10 V, PR3230 – 0-5 V, PR3240 – 0-10 V

Pressure Ranges

0-1 bar (0-15 psi), 0-10 bar (0-150psi), 0-500 mbar (0-7.5 psi), 0-100 bar (0-1,450 psi), 0-200 bar (0-2,900 psi)

Calibration in

bar, psi.