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Pressure Sensors For Aerospace Applications

Pressure transducers play a crucial role in various aircraft flight testing processes, and the aerospace industry demands nothing but the best for such critical applications. Our reliable and high-quality pressure transducers deliver accurate and precise measurements, ensuring the safety and performance of aircraft in flight. We understand the importance of precision and reliability in aerospace testing, and that’s why we have designed our pressure transducers to withstand extreme condition. Trust us to provide you with the best pressure transducers for your aircraft flight testing needs.

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HI2000 High Precision Pressure Transducer

■ Silicon-on-sapphire sensor technology
■ Pressure ranges 0-500mbar to 0-1500bar (0-7.5psi to 0-20,000psi)
■ 0-100mv, 0-5vdc or 0-10vdc output

HI3000 TEDS Pressure Transducer

■ Silicon-on-sapphire sensor technology
■ High Specification TEDS Pressure Transducer
■ Transducer Electronic Data Sheet (TEDS) enabled for easy use


HI6000 High Temperature Transducers

■ Pressure ranges 0-1bar to 0-1,500bar (0-15psi to 0-21,000psi)
■ Titanium wetted parts
■ High operating temperature up to 135°C (275°F)


HISPEC HI2200 / 2300

■ Pressure ranges 0-1bar to 0-1500bar (0-15psi to 0-20,000psi)
■ 0-100mvdc, 0-5vdc or 0-10vdc output
■ High operating temperature to 200°c (392°F)


Pressure Transducer High-Performance, 0.5-4.5V – Series 0705

■ Output Signal: 0.5-4.5 V, (ratiometric)
■ Overpressure Protection: Up to 12,180 psi (1,650 bar)
■ Rise Rate: <72,500 psi/s (<5,000 bar/s)

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USB Digital Pressure Transducer, GD4200

■ Sample rate up to 1,000 Hz (1,000 readings per second)
■ Choice of pressure ranges from vac to 72,500 psi (5,000 bar)
■ USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 full speed compatible
■ Extremely high 21 bit resolution