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How a Hydraulic Torque Wrench Works

torque wrenchHydraulic torque wrenches are used to secure screw connections with very high torques. These screw connections are used on wind turbines, in power plant construction, in the oil and gas industry, but also in steel and mechanical engineering, where large and heavy connections need to be securely connected.

SUCO ESI have many years of experience in the field for pressure monitoring for hydraulic screw systems. Our pressure transducers pressure range are up to 5000 bar (72,518 psi.)

The SoS (Silicon-on-Sapphire) high-pressure sensors we developed are specially developed for tough operating conditions. Our products are suitable for extreme temperatures between -58°F to 257°F (-50°C to +125°C) with very high long-term stability. These products can work independently for a long time with the certainty that the pressure measurement technology securely monitors the torque of your connections.

The sensor and process connection are made from one piece of titanium, no weld seams, no seals which enables the pressure transducer to be used for a long service life. Optionally, we also offer ATEX certification and DNV GL ship approvals for use offshore, on ships, and in the oil and gas industry.

ESI is part of the SUCO Group and has specialized in exceptional pressure measuring devices in exceptional applications. The SUCO Group covers the entire range of pressure measurement technology from vacuum to 5000 bar (72,518 psi), providing simple pressure switches for safety-critical monitoring tasks to high-precision pressure transmitters for calibration and measurement tasks.

Let us offer the pressure switch or pressure transducer that best fits your application. 

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