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Enhanced Reliability of Brake Systems for Agriculture Machinery

SUCO pressure switches PLUS are used for short-circuit and cable break detection in brake systems of agricultural tractors and machinery.

SUCO supports you in monitoring the hydraulic and pneumatic braking systems with integrated and ready-wired pressure switches and pressure transmitters that have been optimized for the specific requirements of braking systems in agricultural machines. As an international manufacturer with its own development department, SUCO can rely on decades of experience in the field of safety-critical braking systems, especially for mobile machines:

Compact mechanical pressure switches with a very high overpressure safety of 600 bar and a max. pressure peak of up to 1000 bar/s have been specially designed for robust applications in the agricultural sector.

Mechanical pressure switches can also be used in working machines as a redundant secondary system next to pressure sensors. The direct switching of valves, independent of the central control system, ensures reliable safety monitoring.

Intelligent pressure switches with additional electronic functions can interpret two further switching states (e.g. short-circuit / cable break) in addition to the usual switching states (open/closed) in order to reduce the risk of accidents as well as the risk of failure.

Compact pressure transducers for measuring ranges up to 600 bar cover the entire pressure range of mobile hydraulics. Pressure transmitters for measuring ranges up to 5000 bar can be offered for high-pressure applications.

Pressure switches and pressure transmitters with integrated connectors that offer high IP protection up to IP6K9K/IP67 are used at operating temperatures down to -40°C in numerous applications (brake system, drive axle, steering system, chassis) under extremely harsh environmental conditions.

Corrosion- and media-resistant pressure measuring systems have been specially designed for use with liquid manure, spray agents, bio-oils or other difficult media.

Pressure switches also comply with the European Union’s regulation 2015/68 (RVBR), which was adopted in 2015.

The Regulation (EU) 2015/68 describes the “vehicle braking requirements for the approval of agricultural and forestry vehicles”. This will significantly tighten the approval of braking systems for agricultural and forestry vehicles in the future. For example, the hydraulic single-line braking systems of tractors, commercial vehicles and forestry vehicles must be replaced by two-line systems. Also affected by (EU) 2015/68 are transport trailers (such as loader wagons, manure spreaders, liquid manure barrels, trailed fertilizer spreaders or trailed field sprayers) and work trailers (such as baling presses, large ploughs, rotary rakes or trailed seed drills). The Regulation will enter into force in several stages up to 2021.


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