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Which pressure sensor is compatible for hydrogen?

High Pressure Hydrogen MeasurementCompatible with Hydrogen based environments the range offers a general industrial, high pressure and high accuracy variant, as well as a digital transducer, available with a combination of ATEX and DNV-GL certification on selected models.

Hydrogen offers a cleaner, secure and more affordable source of energy with the potential to drastically reduce and tackle CO2 emission levels.

With that in mind we are committed to offering a product range that is not only versatile and environmentally friendly, but also offers the same outstanding performance and stability that they are known for.


What is Hydrogen Compatibility?

Samples of the materials used in the manufacture of the range were tested based on ISO 11114-2:2017 in accordance to the European Regulations EC 79/2009 and EU 406/2010 to determine an “embrittlement index” of the material when placed in a saturated environment over extended periods of time. Results have provided a pass rating to the compatibility of the material against Hydrogen.


pressure sensors for Hydrogen Applications

The Material

The pressure diaphragm and threaded pressure port are machined from a specialist Titanium alloy specifically designed to withstand harsh and demanding environments. This, along with the non-oil-filled sensor and high integrity stainless steel housing results in a robust and versatile unit that offers excellent media compatibility across a range of environments.

The Hydrogen range also benefits from the same Silicon on Sapphire (SOS) sensor technology used throughout the SUCO ESI brand, providing outstanding performance, stability and highly accurate pressure measurement.



Hydrogen is already used in a growing variety of industries, and although the Oil & Gas sector still remains the predominant source of energy supply and usage, there are significant efforts being made to find an alternative.

Applications for ESIs newest range include;

  • Hydrogen storage
  • Hydrogen production
  • Hydrogen re-fuelling
  • Hydrogen engines
  • Marine propulsion
  • Hydrogen fuel cells
  • Laboratory environments
  • Industrial applications


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